New Moon Series - Sacral Intentions

Our second new moon cycle of this year is focused on the Sacral Chakra. Located in front of our reproductive organs, the Sacral is the seat our creativity and our "flow". Those moments where we dip into the creative flow are the divine union of our energy with all that is around us - both seen and unseen. When we experience an over or under-abundance in this chakra, we may feel the urge to gush or alternatively, we find ourselves unsable to create our own visions. It is important in a sitting-dominated society to keep the health of hips in mind- the average American has weak and tight glutes and hips. This is the result of inactivity and poor posture. To address this, we have included a simple flow this month that allows the lower body to release post-work or post-workout. This simple movement focuses on accessing parts of our body that are often "blank-spaces". Part of the asana practice is the awakening of our body to movement of our body in all planes and in all directions. Hold each pose for 10 breathes. Use 1-2 to breathes to transition and go very slowly. Repeat the sequence up to 5 times for maximum effect. And remember to give yourself a long, well-deserved Savasana at the end of your practice. Oftentimes, creative blocks are caused by holding on too tightly, either physically or emotionally. So breathing through weak or tight spaces is going to be key in this flow. 

For this month's intention, make it an active one - how can you allow creative expression into your life on a daily basis? Even if it is simply 5 minutes of doodling or experimenting in the kitchen, devote a small amount of time - DAILY - to expressing yourself. And during these "dailies", don't measure or force, just practice diligently and with care. Eventually (after 2-3 weeks), this will become a natural part of your life. 

Thank you and happy new mooning!!