As Above, So Below


Late night musing pre-new moon feelings. We are waning right now, post festival quietude at the end of summer. The end of the roller coaster feeling that August brings with it. We are all on school schedule even when we are far passed school age and as July ends, we all sigh a bit softer from summer and not quite ready to part. August sizzles so hot and yet, sometimes feels so cold. It's the waning of summer and we all sigh a bit longer. But what are we craving, an endless summer? A perpetual half sunbaked and sleepy but overfilled and loving it kind of sensation. I'm all summer blood born full Cancer at the peak of summer and bleed nostalgia. I'm the soft setting into the arms of the moon and am learning to love the death of seasons. So, as above, so below- we need the death of seasons to burn another anew.