"the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection."

yoga is a magic that follows us off our mat. It is the mystery of re-aligning us energetically to be fully on our path. We experience synchronicity daily, our minds drifting to the same topics despite us spending the day apart. This bizarre feeling of being perfectly in sync, surrendered to the flow. It happens in moments when we are unabashedly flowing, drifting whimsically with the energy of the moment. I take it as a sign we are meant to be together, feelings of deja vu connecting us to the path we should be on. It's a total absurdity, it's the belief in magic and signs and paths. It is equates the unexplainable to magic, it's a slippery slope. Yet I cannot believe these small moments, that happen casually and randomly, are anything but signs. They always occur at unmistakable moments of flow, where I turn off the thinking brain and tap into the moment. And it is this surrender to the present that realigns, like softening your shoulders and allowing your natural posture to hold you. So often we crave this flow but are so unwilling to let it take over, we are frightened of the mysterious power of the moment. We don't have total control and yet it is our hands on the wheel. It's like we can steer the boat but can't control the ocean or her depths. What is down there? The ocean shifts beneath our feet. And then here we are, back on our mat, mystery lingering all around. The highest form of yoga is synchronicity. 

Take a moment to soften your face and feel your breath. Do you feel the flow? The whole body beating together. Don't you realize that you are the magic? 

We don't have to be scared of the depth, the dark sea, all the mystery - it is possibility manifesting, undefined, and free. And so are you. Soften your grip, surrender.